Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring is Here!

So, we apparently have a lot of random plants and flowers that are starting to bloom.  The first time we saw the house was back in the fall, and we didn't realize the greenery that was available to us.  One of the foliage we were blessed with was a pretty rose bush by our mailbox.

Our dog Roscoe wanted to have a smell, too.  He has been loving the new house and yard, by the way.  We've been leaving him outside during the day, and at night he collapses on the couch.  I suppose a day of chasing squirrels and digging holes is hard work.  Anyways, here he is with the same pretty flower.

I put the pretty rose in a wine glass we found displaying our last name.  We don't know the family who makes the wine, but they make a pretty bottle.

You can see the sunlight coming in on the west side of the house where the kitchen was.  Curtains or blinds are definitely in order because trying to make dinner before 5:30 PM is a tanning session.  B-)

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