Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching Up

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! But between taking some out of town trips (one for vacation, one for work) and being without internet connection at the new house (That's right! We're moved in!), this is the first chance I've had to post.

And oh, how much has happened this last month! First of all, hubby painted the kitchen the pale lemon color we selected:

And our cabinets were installed!  We actually decided to go with the antique white colored cabinets after all.  The cabinet shop doesn't have a showroom, so when we first saw the color in not-so-great lighting we were not very impressed.  But once we got to see them in a good light up next to some floor samples, we warmed up to the color.  We decided it would fit better with the contrasting color theme we were going with.  After we finally decided on cabinet color, we chose our counter top color which is called Labrador.  Hubby asked me if I picked that because I'm a dog lover.  LOL!  But it really was the perfect color with our cabinet and floor choices.  It was the perfect combination of blacks, greens, and creams.  We also decided to go with flat black knobs for our hardware, nothing crazy. 

We found a pretty sweet deal on a sink at a salvage store in Chattanooga, TN.  This lovely 4-hole, 8-inch deep dual sink was a pretty $60!  Compared to $110 at your big chain hardware store, I was quite pleased.  The faucet is a beautiful, high curved stainless steel with hot/cold taps with a side sprayer, with a nice tag of $98. 

We got all of our appliances from a huge sale at Sear's last weekend.  They were advertising 15% off of all appliances with an additional 10% off if you used your Sear's card.  Needless to say, we helped my parents gain some major points on their card while we saved 25% on our appliances.

And finally, the floors.  We also found these floors at the salvage store for less than a dollar a square foot.  We made the decision a while ago to go with laminate floors because of their durability and anti-dog/cat-claw-scratching abilities.  But I wanted to be sure that we got a nice, quality laminate that would be both appealing and enduring.  We found this plank, walnut laminate that had pretty grooves that went with the grains.  It comes with a 30-year warranty and is fairly easy to clean with a dust mop.  I really like the wide planks because it makes the rooms seem so much bigger.  The animals are still getting used to them, though, especially when they try to peel out.

P.S.  My sweet husband and my parents surprised me after I got back from my work trip with the bar stools that I wanted.  X-back, counter height, black stools from Target.  Until we find a new dining set, this is where hubby and I are having meals together (minus the cat).

That's it for now.  Now that we're living here and I have internet access, I'll try to post more frequently.  As long as the cats get out of my lap so I can use the computer.  *meow?*

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