Sunday, May 23, 2010

Setting Down Roots

This weekend Hubby's grandmother came down to help us plant some flowers in our front yard (because she is the green expert in the family).  First, we pulled up all the weeds and runners that had overgrown over the years.  Then, we went to Home Depot and walked all through their nursery and garden section, picking out which flowers we wanted to see. 

We put some red lilies in the rock section in front of the house. 

I love the color on these.  

We also got some deep purple delphiniums, assorted azalea bushes, and a butterfly bush (I'm excited about that one) along with some nandinas that were already here.  

Here's a picture of the whole area after we planted everything:  

And finally, we planted some dog seeds.  Think it will sprout some puppies?  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home Additions

We're finally starting to make our house feel like a home, after it was formerly a construction site for a few months.  Some of the items that make our home include a dining table and chairs:

The set came from hubby's parents and it's a beautiful white set with a golden wood table top.  Looking into the dining room, it completes our antique white theme with our cabinets.  Our cat Elvis is making a cameo from the south chair.

The other piece of furniture we received was a white coffee table with wicker baskets for our living room.

I love how the white looks with our dark colored floors.  

The white theme makes a full circle from the kitchen to the living room, also.  

And to really complete the white theme:  

OK, he's not a piece of furniture, but he certainly makes it feel like home.  

He's king of the yard, or at least this part of it.