Saturday, February 27, 2010

Opening Up

This week we had a wall removed that will open up the kitchen and the living room. Hubby also continued to removed the drywall that needed to be removed before new drywall could replace it. So, now we have a completely empty kitchen minus the left wall of the pantry, which was helping to support the roof. Hubby fixed that today so that we could take out the rest of that wall. We're saving that for family that's coming into town who want to take part in some demo. Can't say I blame them. ;-) Now our kitchen is a blank canvas.

Today we went and had an appointment with the cabinet company we're going to have do our cabinets. Before we went there, we had in our minds the kind of kitchen we wanted, which included white cabinets, wood floors, and slate-colored countertops. Kind of a blend between a modern and traditional look. But the cabinet company didn't have the bright white cabinets that we were looking for (bummer), but they did have these beautiful wood cabinets that had a distressed look in rustic mocha (love). I immediately was willing to change the theme of our kitchen around these cabinets. They have an inverted beveled edge, so hardware is not required if we don't want it and would help save us money. So, in a matter of minutes the theme for our kitchen went from modern to rustic. It will be similar to this picture with slightly lighter wood floors and dark counter tops:


Finally, what's keeping me excited and dreaming at night, the 3-D picture (courtesy of Wilson Lumber) of how our final kitchen will be layed out:

Wanna come have a chat with me at the bar? =)

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