Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Layers

This weekend we had two main projects: remove the kitchen floor and paint! Both involve showing new layers. The entire kitchen and most of the dining room floors were taken off using an air hammer and chisel. My husband and brother-in-law worked on it all weekend (minus a couple hour break to go to the circus). The previous floors were glue-down engineered with tile inset.

The master bedroom was painted a seal gray, a major improvement from the eye-gauging red that was there before. My mother-in-law and father-in-law did the majority of the painting here and most of the rooms this weekend.

The first bedroom was painted a color called soft mint green. I was concerned of how bright it would be (and it is bright), but this color is meant to compliment my white bedroom set with purple bed covers and curtains later on.

My big project of the weekend was painting the outer squares in the mudroom which is the same color as our living room (a close resemblance to a "brown bag" color), the top has already been painted, too (swiss coffee). Also, the hallways was painted with swiss coffee (top) and brown bag (bottom).

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