Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lighten Up

When we took out a wall in the kitchen to make room for a counter-height bar, we didn't consider that we would have a color transition problem between the living room and kitchen.  We looked at that space for a long time, debating between putting a transition trim piece down the wall or simply letting the colors overlap.  After a long time of staring and talking, I looked at the living and decided, "There's too much brown in this room."  It's true.  From the wood crown molding, walnut floors, and stone fireplace, the brown paper bag color on the walls just made it feel like . . . we were in a brown paper bag. 

A (yellow) light clicked in my head.  "Let's paint the living room the same color as the kitchen!  That would solve the color transition problem."  We were set on this idea, but a took a long time for us to finally buy the paint and find the time to do it.  Even though I wasn't thrilled about repainting a room we painted when we moved in, I was excited about the contrast it would create and the brightness it would bring out. 

Beginning the first coat. 

Fireplace side. 

Color transition problem gone. 

Final coat.  I love the contrast! 

Now that the walls are brighter, I feel the need to add some wall art to decorate them.  We'll finally put up our pictures that have been sitting in storage or on the mantle.  I'll also be heading to a couple of antique stores in town in hopes of finding something rustic, like a piece of curved wrought iron or stone. 

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