Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Week: Essentials

After we closed on Monday, we got busy organizing and making appointments with vendors just to bring the house up to par.

On Tuesday, we had the carpets cleaned, which I was worried about because there were several heavy stains. However, Stanley Steemer came through, cleaned our carpets, and made them look almost new.

I consider it a HUGE blessing that the day of our inspection on the house it was pouring rain. Because of the rain, we were able to see what areas of the house were leaking. The entire roof will eventually need to be replaced within the next 1-5 years, but for now we're making the essential repairs that are needed. One of the largest areas that needed work was the area around the chimney. The wood beneath the existing shingles was completely rotted and new shingles needed to be put down.

Roof Before:

Roof After:

And finally for the first week, we had the HVAC unit serviced to put out heat above 55 deg F! Luckily, only one part needed to be replaced on the entire unit which was a relief. To replace an entire HVAC unit would have put a lot of our renovations on hold.

So far, all of our repairs have come either at budget or under. Hopefully, things will continue to go this smoothly.

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